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Protect your Network from "Bad Actors" with Media IP Blocking in Real-Time.

RoboGuard® Robocall Protection can help reduce Tracebacks and Civil Investigations by blocking known “Bad Actors” off your network in real-time. Most importantly, you will be protecting consumers from illegal Robocalls.
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Features & Benefits
On Average, RoboGuard®
finds and blocks
3,000+ “Bad Actor”
Media IPs per day. That's 3,000+ "Physical Servers"!
RoboGuard® has blocked
Billions of Robocalls being made
to consumers.
RoboGuard® may reduce
traceback complaints by up to 90%
for intermediate Carriers.
1 Media IP block can stop Tens
of Millions of calls hitting the
US Telecom Network.
Specialise in  Blocking the following  Bad Actors…

Amazon Campaigns

Bank Scams

Debt Reduction

Student Loans

SSA Campaigns

Auto Warranty

Debt Reduction

Cable/Phone Impersonation

And Much More!

Health Insurance

Utility Campaigns

Are you still using ANI Blocking in your network?
By leveraging the media IP address of known scam robocalls, carriers and their switch providers can permanently end the ability of the call-initiating servers to send calls into the United States. This nuanced approach focuses solely on the known bad actors and is more effective than relying on ANI blocking or statistical analyses to identify probable illegal robocalls.
Why is RoboGuard® better than most Robocall Mitigation Systems currently available in the market?
Most Robocall Mitigation Systems are not designed for intermediate Carriers. RoboGuard® has been designed for Intermediate Carriers, Gateway Providers & Switch Vendors.

Most RMD systems are not designed to block Robocall Campaigns that the Traceback Group or the FCC specifically targets. These RMD systems often use ANI analytics that blocks legitimate traffic. FraudCentral understands the industry and what intermediate providers need. FraudCentral only targets potential illegal Robocalls.